The Company

Infosystems is a company with more than fifteen years experience in the sector, and it is devoted to improve the productivity of our clients, by means of the application of the new technologies. Infosytems has a consultancy; a multimedia room, Internet and conferences; a classroom of training and technical service.The structure of the company permits to give flexible and quick solutions, a rapid service and high satisfaction to the clients.

The products and services of the company are structured in four large branches:
  1. Consultancy and programs distribution of CAD, CAM and CAE
  2. Internet access and services specialized for companies
  3. Development and distribution of applications: Prodsys and Texmonitor
  4. Configuration of data processing nets. Safety and data processing services
We establish a commitment with the client of

Our objective is to cover all the data processing needs of our clients, either with our own product or with other products of other companies.

In Infosystems we work seriously. Our clients rely on us, because we have the capacity and the means to do things well and we do them well.

Our main aim is to improve constantly and to obtain the best standards of quality through a great self exigency.

Our objective is an improvement of the productivity of the client, and it can only be obtained by getting our clients objectives achieved through the application of our technology.