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Control of Production

How many times have you asked yourself these questions:
  • Time delivery for a client?
  • What will be my cost price?
  • What is the reason for such a delay in the delivery?
  • A component of 10 Euros is missing and the production is blocked!
  • How do I make the stoks forecast if the supplier of a critical component has a time delivery of 3 months?
  • What is the order to be made in order to prevent the sotck form breaking?
  • The client has changed the specification of a product in the course of its manufacturing. How I can inform my employee immediately?
  • What has been the real production cost (hours, first matter, amortization of machinery)?
  • How know the incidences and serious provision deviations of delivery without spending the whole day in factory?
  • How can I improve the semimanufactured pieces stock and the raw material in funcion of the historical data?
  • What changes have to make to the delivery periods if one of the machines is out of work?
Infosystems: Control of production:

  • Control of production.
  • Data acquisition.
  • Tip and information management..
  • Specialized in production of small and medium size of complex machinery.

Terminal Prodsys

Adaptable to any configuration

To deal with a time control, costs, yields, etc. for your needs are possible and can satisfy any need you have. With Prodsys just right solutions.
Data apprehension
  • Directly from machines and processes.
  • Manually through the own employee.
    • From Prodsys terminal.
    • From any PC.
  • Both previous combined.
  • Stop time and causes incidences.
  • Counting of produced units.
  • Speeds, temperatures, ...
  • Processed, refuseds and recoverable units.
  • Preparation time employee time and machine time.
  • Material imputed to manufacture orders.

Monitoring in real time.
It permits to analyze the captured data, to accomplish a follow-up of their evolution, to filter and to group by any concept.
  • Machines out put.
  • Costs and incidences for machines, raw material, dealer, employee...
  • Activity reports.
  • Machines and processes monitoring.
  • Planning.
  • Budgets Structures and phases treatment.
  • Entry of machine complex structures directly from the CAD.
  • Custom according to needs.
  • Flexible reports generator.
  • Direct access to the production data from the office.
  • Data import and export to other systems.
  • Exportable reports to Word, Excel, Html...
  • Open data base.
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