Simplicity or a way of understanding technology

Computer nets.

We have the necessary technology to develop the corporative data processing and to interconnect your computers in a net, either within the company or joining different branches all over the world.

Usually the company has some common objectives. The best solution will be the creation of a net to link the computer equipment. Through working groups or through the creation ofdomains, the users of the net will have access to the resources of the net (files, printers, programs...). This permits to unify safety copies and to simplify the inner documental management of the company.


Do not take your company away from benefits of the electronic mail: the commercial ronge that provides, to reduced cost, the advertising by web or the service to your clients through telematic tools. Electronic trade.


All the advantages of Internet but within the area of your company. Easier apllications, internal documentation distribution, teleconferences using the own net.

In case that solutions for computer nets are required, contact with Infosystems