Your costumers must know what you make if you want them to buy your product. Make them to know your products and services through Internet. Infosystems proposes you several solutions to start or widen your presence in the net.
Infosystems solves the problem of the connection to Internet and offers you electronic mail accounts. All the available information in Internet will be near you.
  • Internet Accesses distributed with safety measures.
  • Personal electronic mail to each work station.
  • Centralized fax with no papers.
Infosystems gives you the solution for the creation of your websites, with the possibility of having your own domain.
  • Creation and housing of Webs.
  • Creation and housing of Data Bases.
  • Link with prp solutions.
  • Electronic Trade, safe payment.
  • Domains.
  • Adversiting.
  • Maintenance and services to the distributors. B 2 B.
  • Instant automated response to the e-mail support.
  • Interactive virtual space with:
    • Texts
    • Images
    • Sound
    • Animations
    • Information delivary at any level:
      • Corporative:
        • Conceptual
        • Medium / Know How
        • Organitzation
      • Commercial:
        • Visible to everybody.
        • Restricted visibility (customers, dealers...)
      • Services:
        • Labour exchange.
        • Technical support.
        • News
All these top-level solutions are based on powerfull but easy to handle tools by the user.
  • Electronic mail:
    • Communication
  • Engine research.
    • Direct access to web information.
  • Data bases
    • Through forms allows you
      • User identification
      • To inform, to pick up orders...
      • Electronic payment
    • Web cam
      • It allows to see production in process.
      • Intranet or Extranet
      • Restricted access areas
When solutions are needed, contact Infosystems